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Scams Watchdog is at the forefront of scamming industry, guarding people, with thousands of reviews available in our site. Search for a company below if you want to find out if there is a review.
How DOES IT Work

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Surely there is no easy way to find out whether a specific company is scam or not.
Nowadays, scammers are becoming more and more sophisticated in the ways they work and go to far lengths to make their products look legit.
Market Research
First step in discovering scamming website is to find them. This step includes multiple different ways.
Identifying potentially malicious websites.
This step separates all websites that might look suspicious for the trained eye.
Further analyzing the selected candidates.
This step is about analyzing everything about a specific website. Usually there is something that gives them away, if you know how to do the proper research.
Sometimes there are some websites which are very careful in everything they do. In case we cant find out from the third step we register to the website itself to look inside it and communicate with the staff to find out their methods.
Posting the review
After analyzing all the data we post the review about the company. does not have the intention to hurt anyone's business unless we believe they are 100% scam.

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Scams Watchdog was created to protect people from different scamming industries all over the world.

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