Bitcoin London Profit Review-Is Scam?

Please read our Bitcoin London Profit review before opening and account with them. Our review is an honest and unbiased one. These types of scams are actually becoming more widespread and more familiar and they have also caught attention of even prestigious Medias. The reason they caught the attention is because they impersonate famous celebrities all over world and some of these celebrities are also pursuing them legally. We will explain the basic concepts how these scams work in this Bitcoin London Profit Review.

How do they work

They create these websites that have a video on them, explaining how their software works and some of them claim you can make as much as tens of thousands of dollars a day and they advertise these websites in social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other big platforms where you can advertise. When someone clicks on these ads they listen to the video and fill up a form which requires their personal data like Name, email and phone number. This data gets automatically transferred to a forex broker or other scam platforms like ad scams or forex education scams.

What Bitcoin London Profit claims to be is an “Automated Forex Trading” app. They say they have invented a revolutionary app to trade in forex and everything is automated. You just turn it on and it makes money for you even while you sleep. Sounds too far-fetched? It is. First of all there are many problems with this claim. There is not yet any forex robot or expert advisor out there that can make you money and if they really found this revolutionary software why will they give it to you, and most of all for free.

What happens to your data

After you filled out the form, your data gets transferred to a scamming platform, most likely a forex broker, and they call you right away so you can start trading with them. If you deposit money with the forex broker, the Bitcoin London Profit will get a fat commission and that is how they really make the money. There is a key note here, you didn’t deposit with Bitcoin London Profit, you deposited with the broker, so now if you want your money back, you will have to deal with the broker. After that they will pass your data to other forex brokers and you will receive many calls from many other brokers, sometimes people even reported to get as much as 100 calls per day, each of them wants a piece of your money. Your email will also get bombarded by spam also.


These types of scams such as Bitcoin London Profit are becoming more widespread with hundreds of these types of websites circulation around the web. If you are reading this article because you encountered one of them, run away! You will save yourself a lot of headache. If it happens that you deposited with them, remember that your money are not with Bitcoin London Profit, they are with the forex broker. We hope our Bitcoin London Profit review has stopped you from giving them your hard earned money. If you have any questions reach us at [email protected]. We will finish this article here hoping that one of these celebrities will seriously get onto Bitcoin London Profit.

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Bitcoin London Profit Review

Bitcoin London Profit Review
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